ABI Academy Learners and Delegates prior to the Academy's IQ Level 3 Award for Professional Investigayors

Detective Academy A.B.I

5 Day course. Delegates and Learners outside Vicarage Chambers

My name is Gill Baines...


My name is Gill Baines aka student 00031. I have just completed the EDI level 3 training course and passed my exam, about which I am thrilled. When I first began researching into this field as a career path, I have to say it was a minefield. Many different websites were offering a variety of training material and, so called diplomas and certificates. I rang burton-regan initially as they seemed to be the ones who knew what they were talking about, and I'm now glad I did.
I found the training course extremely clear and concise, and, for me, easy to understand. The question and answer excercises I found particularly useful, as they helped me apply my focus to what I was learning whilst allowing me to revisit any knowledge I found difficult to retain. I also found the revision time just prior to the exam with kevin an enormous help to focus my mind.
I feel I have received enough assistance and support throughout this training to give me the confidence to now move forward with my business and, make a success of it with the continuing support, mentoring and training opportunities available to me.
Many thanks to Kevin and his team for all your advice and support.
Gill Baines 22nd February 2012

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