Professional Private Investigator

Our graduates are available for your perusal on our jobs board. we ensure they are “fit and proper” – backed by Burton Regan limited / PITUK. We shadow and recommend only the top tier of professional private investigators

Hundreds of private investigators have graduated into the professional ranks from Private Investigator Training UK (PITUK) at Park Square and from the Civil Service Club near Trafalgar Square – Our Northern and Southern hubs.

We only use the best available centers for operational purposes, training and examinations. Our exam center in London (At the Civil Service Club) is just around the corner from Trafalgar Square whist Burton Regan’s southern operational base is on the Guildhall Square in the City of London.

The main UK trade bodies, claims investigation organisations, surveillance firms, legal firms, litigation support services and operatives throughout the private investigator sector choose the qualifications delivered by Burton Regan Limited

We use a university grade training platform and favour the “blended learning model” – combining webinar sessions on investigative topics with our library of e-learn resources


The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments in England.


Special Offer : Book onto SFJ Awards Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators

and get access to private investigator school e-learn

Completing Investigations – Theory and best Practice around GDPR / DPA 

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Professional Private Investigator Training From Sector Leading Experts and Lead Examiners for the Professional Private Investigator Sector
Your main tutor is the Lead Examiner for the Professional Private Investigator Sector (Pearson Plc).


Kevin John Regan is a founding members of the Association of British Investigators Academy (Formed in 2014). The academy thrives today because of the foundations that were set down at the first meeting – trainers offering high quality learning material and teaching to achieve, in the first instance the Licence Linked Level 3 Professional Investigator Award.

Existing, established  professional private investigators choose our training to comply with industry best practice and many staff members at centres around the UK have taken the Burton Regan Ltd / Private Investigator Training UK route, indeed investigator trade association members and their affiliates who have undertaken the training – makes it close to 500 successful candidates to date.

We only display authentic pictures of learners, delegates and tutors...this is a group picture taken shortly after the Level 3 Award Exam at Vicarage Chambers, West Yorkshire


12/06/2006 – Richard Newman our Internal Verifier / Quality Assurance Assessor worked with Skills For Security and developed the National Occupational Standards for private investigators

15/01/2011 – We Completed the first Professional Investigator Award Exam for EDI / Pearson in Surrey

10/10/2013 – Kevin Regan our main tutor was appointed by Pearson / Edexcel as the Lead Examiner for the Private Investigator Sector

20/07/2014 – We are Founding members of the ABI Academy

16/05/2019 – Kevin Regan receives the Frank Martin Award from the Association of British Investigators

14/03/2020 – We Run the first SFJ Awards Level 3 Award For Professional Investigators exam in London at the original home of the Metropolitan Police and the first “Scotland Yard”



Kevin was appointed as the Pearson Edexcel Lead Examiner for the Investigation Sector in 2013 and continues to develop qualifications – dealing with the minutia of detail that the worlds biggest education company demands. One aspect of Kevin’s work is the “Credit and levelling” of qualifications…assigning and quantifying, “Scope” and “Value”. This unique skill ensures that we can assign your CPD points (Continuing Professional Development) with singular and genuine authority.

Progression and development predicated on a bed rock of learning and experience acquired when working over a period of decades at Associated Detectives (London), Nationwide Investigations Group (Manchester), Anglo European Private Detectives Limited (Leeds) – currently: Burton Regan Limited.

Our Licence Linked training exceeds the parameters and scope of the anticipated Business Licence / SIA / Home Office Licence for Private Investigators