SFJ Awards IQ Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators Syllabus

Principals of Planning and Reporting Investigations:

The Law, The investigation Cycle, Data Protection Act, GDPR, Human Rights, Regulations of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA), Police And Criminal Evidence Act, Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act, Private Security Industry Act, SIA Standards of Behaviour, Bribery Act, Health and Safety, Civil Procedure Rules, Criminal Procedure Rules, Dealing with Conflicts of Interest. Planning/Reporting/Progressing Investigations.

Principles of gathering and using information for investigations:

Basic planning, Analysis and review, Types of information, Confirm and agree the objectives, Potential Constraints, Planning to carry out your investigation & Dealing with conflict of interest.
Gather Evidence: Types of information, Identifying, Preserving and Collecting Evidence, Continuity of evidence /Chain of evidence, Data Protection Act for obtaining information, Interview people to gather information, Communication methods, Questioning techniques, Interview Witnesses, Interview Suspects, Taking statements, Surveillance methods.


There are two routes to your qualification

Distance Learning with your exam at one of our UK Centres

Or Classroom Based Learning with the Exam on the final day

We are available throughout your investigation career – look at our process server OSINT / Tracing and other training options to expand your skill set. We support and assist. The Awards we offer are listed on the Ofqual register which regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments.

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