Certificated Enforcement Agent

The Certificated Bailiff Register (previously called bailiffs) can be checked here

We are happy to endorse our Association of British Investigator colleagues who offer CEA trainingIES Training

Their course covers six learning outcomes:

•           The Role of an Enforcement Agent
•           The Law surrounding enforcement
•           Taking Control of Goods
•           Removal and Sale of goods
•           Customer Care and The National Standards
•           Conflict Management

Who can be a Certificated Enforcement Agent?

You must be over 18. Entrants are from all kinds of backgrounds. Confidence, People Skills and the ability to Communicate at all levels.

What will it cost to become a Certificated Enforcement Agent?

The cost to become a Certificated Enforcement Agent varies depending on route you take to gain your certificate, typical costs are:
2-day training Course = £500.00 + VAT = £600
Application fee to the County Court: £280.00
Certificated Enforcement Agent Bond: £225.00
CRB Disclosure: £27.00
CCJ search: £16.00
Taking Control of Goods – CICM Qualification: £93.00*

* Following you classroom training and a period of revision you need to complete a Taking Control of Goods (Level 2 or equivalent) qualification to become a CEA.

We recommend the Level 2, Taking Control of Goods qualification accredited by the Chartered Institute of Credit Management. The qualification is internationally recognised and is listed on the UK Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) and is required to become a CEA.

The cost of the exam is around: £93.00 and is taken at your local Pearson Vue exam centre on the first Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday of the month. Your results are supplied after the exam and your certificate is available after seven days.

Where will I get work and how much do I earn?

Earnings as a CEA / Bailiff depends on geographical location, types of work undertaken and how good you are at the job. These can typically range from £750.00 – £1,000.00 per week. Recruitment by the larger Certificated Enforcement Agent companies – there are existing vacancies in most parts of the UK. You will often work on a sub-contracting basis or market yourself to local solicitors and landlords.

Recap: The General Certificate issued by the County Court to become a Certificated Enforcement Agent, requires:

  • A qualification in Taking Control of Goods to Level 2 or equivalent  
  • A Data Baring Service check (previously called a CRB check) no older than 30 days  
  • A County Court Judgment Certificate  
  • Copies of the forms you intend to use  
  • Proof of your knowledge and experience of the Taking Control of Goods process, national standards, Tribunals Courts and Enforcement Act, regulations and other Enforcement Agent Rules and Procedures  
  • Professional references from experienced and qualified persons in evidence of knowledge and character  
  • Enforcement Agents Bond  
  • Two passport sized photographs