EDI Professional Investigator Award

Expiry of Pearson EDI Qualifications and Retirement of the EDI Brand


(Number 600/3952/8, EDI Qualification Number: AWPI3, QCFS0338)

In 2015 Education Development International (EDI) merged into Pearson some years ago and the EDI Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators has now ceased to accept any further enrolment.

Awarding Organisation: Pearson EDI

European Qualifications Framework = Level 4, Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework equivalent = 6

The EDI qualification was all about: Probity, Ethics, Standards, Procedures and most of all a working knowledge of how the professional investigator and the law interact.

The Pearson EDI L3 Award in Professional Investigations was an Ofqual qualification assessed by an externally set and externally marked multiple choice test in: Principles of Planning and Reporting Investigations (Credit Value = 2) and Principles of Gathering and Using Information for Investigations (Credit Value = 3)

The Pearson BTEC Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators has replaced the Pearson EDI qualification. The rationale behind the award has always been for practitioners in the industry to have the required skills and competency to complete assignments. “The specification covers the knowledge necessary to prevent harm to the public” (Noted in the SIA’s Impact Assessment on Private Investigators).