Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) & Resettlement Training (ELCAS)

It might be worth taking a little time to consider a few important points if you are leaving the Armed Services…

What are you going to do in civilian life?

One option is to pursue an occupation that has a lot of overlaps with your existing skills.

A private investigator needs to be proactive, disciplined and capable of delivering a service under extreme pressure – ok, the pressure is vastly different to a war zone, but, there are some common skills that can be adapted to the civilian arena.

A lot of ex-Military personnel find work conducting surveillance, serving legal documents, field visits, building an investigation file, interviewing people, statement taking and so on.

As licencing is probably being introduced for private investigators in 2021, it is a good time to join a sector that will benefit from uplift in work available. The licenced Private Investigator will find extra work as the amount of, “Low level Police type work” allocated to the private sector increases.

We offer the Level 3 in Professional Investigations (Private Investigations).

This qualification is a “Base level”, test of competence and is primarily about understanding the law as it relates to your assignments – planning, reporting and researching.

Whilst a successful learner with the L3 qualification can go onto attain a Security Industry Authority private investigator licence, you will need additional training…

We recommend that you study what is available (Including our two day course) and make some decisions about what type of Private Investigator work you can specialise in. As there are maybe, 100 or so different types of investigatory methods out there.

Our advice, is that you, “Get the basics”, first and then, maybe, try to increase your investigatory skill base. RTA investigations, Forensic Science, International Investigations are specialised areas that you might, then, consider.

We are your mentors, partners and allies in Private Investigator sector.

We are a good starting place and our first piece of advice is that you are entering a very competitive business world – you must be switched onto building a client base and keeping costs under control whilst getting those early jobs under your belt. Our 25 years of frontline PI experience will be of assistance to you – marketing, web optimisation and general business skills are of paramount importance.

Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Service (ELCAS)

We are keen to achieve Learning Provider Status for the Armed Forces Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) Scheme and welcome learners needing Training Education, Skills and Resettlement (TESR).