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The Association of British Investigators is sector accredited by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency and is endorsed by the Law Society of England and Wales who recognise the A.B.I as the premier professional body for private investigators working in the UK and beyond: "A non-profit organisation, its national and international membership provides credibility and due diligence". The A.B.I is also an approved supplier to the Law Society of Scotland, who acknowledge: "Its national and international membership provides the only credible list of accredited operatives".

The Security Industry Authority explained that Business Licencing for the UK's Private Investigators was their preferred route back in 2013 (The "Second Tier of Licencing") and will, subject to review, require Private Investigators to obtain ACS (Approved Contractor Scheme), status.

The second tier of licencing or Business Licences for Private Investigators will be based on existing (Draft) British Standards and Association of British Investigator and other trade bodies mandatory qualification requirements to demonstrate professionalism, competence, probity and ethics.





Regional Exam Centre: North West

Next Exams: Sat: 16th February 2019 & Sat: 13th July 2019

at: Leeds


Study the Association of British Investigators endorsed IQ Award for Professional Investigators.


The Level Three Award for Professional Investigators is your pathway to training, knowledge and procedural competence - the, "Route-map", for your private investigator licence (Should licensing be introduced). The Level 3 Professional Investigator Award is required to enter most of the trade bodies that represent the UK's professional investigators and is your proof of investigative competency to employers and customers.Choose a trainer that supplies knowledge, expertise and a proven and authoritative training regime. Look out for training organisations accredited to the Association of British Investigators Training Academy and those fully qualified to assess, advice, mentor and guide you on your path.

Utilise our decades of front line private investigator experience and knowledge. Our daily experience with Burton Regan Limited means that we are authoritative about relevancy and the skill levels required in a rapidly evolving profession.


We are available throughout your investigation career - offering further learning, training and real work opportunities. Look at our process server and other training options to expand your skill set. We support and assist. The IQ Awards we offer are listed on the ofqual register which regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments.


 "The Association of British Investigators is now recognised as the premier professional body for private investigators working in the UK and beyond. A non profit organisation, its national and international membership provides credibility and due diligence"




Guided learning leading to a final exam to achieve an industry recognised qualification in Professional Private Investigations (The IQ Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators).




Suitable for new entrants to the industry and those currently working in the industry that need more in-depth knowledge and experience to support a professional role




Distance / online E-leaning leading to your Exams.



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ABI Academy IQ Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators :




£250.00 + VAT = £300.00 (Includes exam fee, registration, Free resit if required, ongoing support and mentoring)


Your main tutor and mentor is: Kevin J Regan  B.A (Hons.)

Full Member: Association of British Investigators; Process Servers Association; The eAssessment Association. Pearson Edexcel Professional Investigator Sector Lead Examiner.
Trainer and Secretary: Association of British Investigators Academy.

Centre Co-ordinator for Pearson and IQ. OCR Award in Assessing Candidates Using a Range of Methods

30 years full time - front line - Private Investigation experience:


  • Associated Detectives, London
  • Nationwide Investigations, Manchester
  • Anglo European Private Detectives, Leeds
  • Burton Regan Detective Bureau, Leeds
  • Burton Regan Limited, Leeds


Age range and Geographical Coverage:

The qualification is for learners who are over 18 and primarily based in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. As there is no equivalent qualification for Scotland – professional investigators in Scotland can use the qualification to demonstrate competency.


Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements. However, learners should be able to work at level 2 or above and be proficient in the use of English. Learners are required to be UK citizens.


We reserves the right to amend or cancel any event or enrolment. Should the event or an enrolment be cancelled a full refund of the fee paid will be made. We can accept no further liability in the event of cancellation, for example: liability for any expenses incurred as a result of cancellation.


SIA Requirements: Please remember to bring two passport sized photographs and your ID to the exam.


Burton Regan Limited / Private Investigator Training UK,

Blackwell House,

Guildhall Yard,




  Phone: 0800 279 7752

Email: info@private-investigator-training.org.uk




Burton Regan (Private Investigator Training UK): 0800 279 7752
Pearson EDI Award for Professional Investigators (QCF = Level 3, Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework equivalent = 6)



Tuition: Your principal tutor is the operations manager of Burton Regan, the Centre Co-ordinator and a trainer with the Association of  British Investigators Training Academy. This team pioneered licence linked Private Investigator training in: Surrey, several years ago Your trainers have amassed 30 years full time experience in the sector.


Once you enrol, your self directed study can begin. The maximum recommended study time is 39 hours (Average = 18.5 hours). If you would like to go,”Straight to exam”, please advise your trainer.


When you are ready we allocate you to your mock exams to ensure that you have reached the required level.









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