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The Association of British Investigators is sector accredited by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency and is endorsed by the Law Society of England and Wales who recognise the A.B.I as the premier professional body for private investigators working in the UK and beyond: "A non-profit organisation, its national and international membership provides credibility and due diligence". The A.B.I is also an approved supplier to the Law Society of Scotland, who acknowledge: "Its national and international membership provides the only credible list of accredited operatives".

The Security Industry Authority explained that Business Licencing for the UK's Private Investigators was their preferred route back in 2013 (The "Second Tier of Licencing") and will, subject to review, require Private Investigators to obtain ACS (Approved Contractor Scheme), status.

The second tier of licencing or Business Licences for Private Investigators will be based on existing (Draft) British Standards and Association of British Investigator and other trade bodies mandatory qualification requirements to demonstrate professionalism, competence, probity and ethics.





BS102000: The Provision of Investigatory Services


British Standard 102000


Following the House of Commons Select Committee report of: 2012 into the Regulation of Private Investigators: “An inquiry into the case for statutory regulation of private investigators”. The assumption was that a simple licensing process would be, “Rolled out”...

The British Standards Institute in their consultation document of March 2013 – then revealed that Private Investigators will have the opportunity to attain: British Standard 102000.

In simple terms, if you supply investigative services you need to bring your business or trading entity up to the British Standard and you also need to prove your own personal competency.

The standard is high and is comparable with the requirements needed to be a full member of the Association of British Investigators (The largest and oldest trade association of Investigators)…you will need to adhere to a code of conduct, have knowledge of relevant legislation, conduct due diligence, staff and subcontractors should be selected and screened under: BS 7858 (Staff need: A Basic Disclosure Criminal Conviction Check, etc.). Above and beyond the requirements, mentioned above, there is a requirement under this standard to have a complaints procedure in place, to pay bills on time, have suitable insurances in place and so on.

Pivotal to the new British Standard is that you (and your staff) are fully aware of relevant legislation and required due diligence as well as being conversant with the processes around investigations, specifically around knowledge of planning, resourcing, and gathering information whilst conducting an investigation

Training centers that offer the L3 Awards in Professional Investigation have noticed the symmetry between their existing syllabus and the proposed components of the competency requirements in BS Standard 102000...specifically, the Code of practice for the provision of investigative services directs that before an investigator conducts activities, the necessary competence has been demonstrated in:

  • Conducting investigations.
  • Conducting interviews.
  • Searching for information and preserving evidence.
  • Surveillance techniques.
  • Understanding and working to relevant laws and standards.
  • Ability to report findings.

Continual Professional Development is also a requirement of the new standard.





We are available throughout your investigation career - offering further learning, training and real work opportunities. Look at our process server and other training options to expand your skill set. We support and assist. The Pearson and IQ Awards we offer are listed on the ofqual register which regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments.

 "The Association of British Investigators is now recognised as the premier professional body for private investigators working in the UK and beyond. A non profit organisation, its national and international membership provides credibility and due diligence"



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