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The Association of British Investigators is sector accredited by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency and is endorsed by the Law Society of England and Wales who recognise the A.B.I as the premier professional body for private investigators working in the UK and beyond: "A non-profit organisation, its national and international membership provides credibility and due diligence". The A.B.I is also an approved supplier to the Law Society of Scotland, who acknowledge: "Its national and international membership provides the only credible list of accredited operatives".

The Security Industry Authority explained that Business Licencing for the UK's Private Investigators was their preferred route back in 2013 (The "Second Tier of Licencing") and will, subject to review, require Private Investigators to obtain ACS (Approved Contractor Scheme), status.

The second tier of licencing or Business Licences for Private Investigators will be based on existing (Draft) British Standards and Association of British Investigator and other trade bodies mandatory qualification requirements to demonstrate professionalism, competence, probity and ethics.





Training options, typical questions


I have no previous experience and have not worked in this field before but find it very interesting. I would not know where to start - what would you recommend?


Like everything in life, you need to work out whether or not your private investigator work can be financially viable, essentially to be successful you need to have good business acumen. If you can maybe start on a part time basis, then build up a client base you should be ok.

A significant factor to consider is that when Private Investigator licences are compulsory - (if you keep up to date with licensing issues you will know that an announcement to that effect is imminent), the investigators in the private sector can expect an upturn in work, including low level Police work and the like.

We have followed the licensing debate closely and the Private Investigator licence will be issued by the SIA or its successor – the competency criteria for licensing is the Award for Professional Investigators which we offer…

We have a course running at our training centre in Leeds. On the second day the learners will sit the EDI Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators. On the first day, the evening and the second day we will cover a broad range of key knowledge areas necessary to perform and complete successful investigations.


I am quite keen to obtain a further professional qualification, but must admit that it has to be an Accredited Investigation Qualification. There are numerous positions out there - and organisations in most cases state that you have to be an Accredited Investigator, if you want your application to be considered. I have done extensive homework on Investigation courses and I must admit there are some genuine ones out there and also ones that one to make a quick buck of you. Please don’t get this the wrong way, but I am talking from first-hand experience. After having completed the course you offer will I be considered an Accredited Investigator?  What makes your course in Investigation different from the others?

What does it mean to be ACFS Accredited?


...you will be accredited to EDI/Edexcel/IQ and the qualification we offer is listed on the OFQUAL register of qualifications - so as far as I can be certain, you will have a fully accredited qualification.

I don’t know anything about: PINS. ACFS Accreditation, refers to: Accredited with Portsmouth University as part of the ACFS qualification – so technically speaking, here, the “Accreditation” is provided by Portsmouth University.


We offer investigative solutions to business in the staffing/recruitment industry. In the form of stress testing the individual companies for Rogue management and high performing sales staff.

We ideally want to obtain this information by using Honey traps/Covert camera footage where we capture un-ethical conduct on Camera to help us build our reports for the Client

I have Hired 4 Guys who are all pretty much rookies to the industry. Ideally i am looking for Intensive onsite training, where they can actually get a Certificate at the end of it.

 I need them to get an Insight of the PI industry, How to gather quality information, How to conduct Honey traps, Undercover operations, Report making, Researching targets, How we can stay ethical and still provide quality intel to clients. And all the other good bits that may be useful for us.

We aim to have you in next week onsite.

We are happy to offer mentoring and tuition in Private Investigations, tailored to your needs.

Take a 4 hour session – we can go through the following:

30 mins: Introductions and contextualising investigations in the Private Sector.

30 mins: Data Protection Act, Human Rights Act - ethics, probity, standards.

15 mins: Questions / Answers

40 mins: Equipment, covert surveillance, body worn cameras, conducting a surveillance, trackers, undercover work.

60 mins: Open Source enquiry work. Sources of Information. How and where to find your information...

15 mins: Question / Answers

30 mins: Reporting factually & lawfully. Awareness of legal pitfalls, maintaining quality and ethical reports. Computer crime awareness - key loggers, password cracking, etc.

20 mins: Summary Q/A.




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