Student Debrief 2012


Student 00031 attended our offices in Leeds and was afforded a days training with our staff – in the afternoon we logged her onto campus and she completed the online test. Our 100% success rate was maintained and her results were transmitted to us all about a week later.

Three things have changed since 2010 when: 00001 enrolled with us…

Award for professional investigators
The First Awarding Body for the Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators was EDI

Firstly, the EDI Level 3 Professional Investigator Award that I described in Debrief 1 is still waiting for HM Government to authorise compulsory UK Private Investigator Licences. The delay in the Licencing process has given us the time to evolve ancillary training opportunities and focus more on the specific needs of individual learners. In the case of Student 00031 she is looking to start up as an investigator with a colleague offering surveillance, statement taking, accident investigations, process serving and people tracing. We were able to offer her, perhaps, the most useful training opportunity of all – face to face training with a mentor.

Secondly, student 00031 is the last learner to complete the EDI L3 Award under the old exam system, from January 2012 all learners will come under QCF guidelines, the exam still consists of multiple choice questions taken at an approved learning centre.

Thirdly, the syllabus has changed from:

  • Preparing to carry out an Investigation,
  • Gathering Information in Support of an Investigation and
  • Reporting the findings of an Investigation


  • Principles of Planning and Reporting Investigations and
  • Principles of Gathering and Using Information for Investigations

The changes are superficial to a large extent but the learning modules that we offer are being rewritten..

We are discussing the possibility that we can offer a fuller package to learners on the EDI L3 programme that will involve more face to face training and mentoring and a bespoke web site designed by our in house team. Evolution is the key to all learning opportunities and if we can keep good students coming through who will go onto to prosper and further develop with a, “Win – Win” scenario.

All changes and developments will be flagged up on this site in due course.

best regards,

Kevin J Regan

B.A (Hons.), A1 Assessor, PTTLLs, EDI level 3 Professional Investigator Award.

Operations Manager Burton Regan Detective Bureau and Course tutor: Private Investigator Training UK