Student Debrief 2013


Most of you will be familiar with the various committee’s that have sat and made recommendations about the future of our industry, licencing is on one day….. licencing is off another day – finally, there is an end game!

UK Private Investigator licencing will be introduced in late 2014 – Those conducting “Private Investigator”, type work will be registered and a, “Defacto”, licencing scheme will operate.

 As part of the regulation that will be introduced is a requirement that a, “Test of Competency”, is completed by those who “Register” as Private Investigators.

 The, “Test of competency”, covers planning and reporting investigations and gathering and using information and is an introduction to best practice…

Needless to say, the accredited qualification we offer fits the criteria for the soon to be introduced competency requirement.

We have worked hard since 2009, championing and encouraging the development of the Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators – things are coming to fruition.

Thanks to Simon and Rob for their permission to use their details.