Classroom – 5 Day Full Tutor



Our classroom training options maps and exceeds the published parameters of the anticipated Home Office / Security Industry Authority Private Investigator Licence

Our Classroom Training is led by Industry Experts and goes beyond the components of S.I.A Licence requirements.
Develop your knowledge…and grow your business

Principles of planning and reporting investigations

Evaluating and exploring your assignments. Balancing business acumen against available resources and information in the professional private investigator sector. Client needs and expectations are balanced with diligent management. Clear and concise reporting is your primary consideration.

Key topics include: Determine the outcomes and objectives, establish feasibility. Methods of gathering and using information – understanding what information is required to meet specific outcomes. Legal Framework – consequences. Establishing networks and partnerships. Identifying Conflicts of interest. Presentation and compilation of client reports

Principles of gathering and using information

Information gathering and management processes are vital key principles. Evidence gathering is the mainstay of every assignment. Storage of evidence and information, in accordance with relevant legislation – security and confidentiality is your primary investigation aspiration

Key topics include: Analysis and evaluation of information and evidence, Research methods: Sources of information: Evidence continuity and integrity: Surveillance, Conflict Resolution, BS102000, Forensics Overview, GDPR / Data Protection, Interview Skills & Statement Taking, Report Writing

Key workshops: Searching for Information; Debtor Tracing / People Finding, Conducting Investigations: Process Serving, Surveillance

Surveillance: Allocating resources and employing appropriate, ethical and legally acceptable methods. Conducting static and non static surveillance. Equipment: Camera’s, Camcorders, Trackers. Recording and reporting.

A Surveillance portfolio to demonstrate understanding and key knowledge around setting up and managing a surveillance operation is part of your required pre-learning and is mandatory to achieve the IQ qualification.

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Suitable for new entrants to the industry and those currently working in the industry that need more in-depth knowledge and experience to support a professional role


5 day Training Programme (Classroom / Blended with E-leaning)


Back in 2025 (Covid Holiday)


Your main tutor and mentor is: Kevin J Regan B.A (Hons.)


Members: Process Servers Association; The eAssessment Association. Pearson Edexcel Professional Investigator Sector Lead Examiner.

Founding trainer with the Association of British Investigators Academy.

Centre Co-ordinator for SFJ. OCR Award in Assessing Candidates Using a Range of Methods.

30 years full time – front line – Private Investigation experience

    • Associated Detectives, London
    • Nationwide Investigations, Manchester
    • Anglo European Private Detectives, Leeds
    • Burton Regan Detective Bureau, Leeds
    • Burton Regan Limited, Leeds


Age range and Geographical Coverage:

The qualification is for learners who are over 18 and primarily based in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. As there is no equivalent qualification for Scotland – professional investigators in Scotland can use the qualification to demonstrate competency.

Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements. However, learners should be able to work at level 2 or above and be proficient in the use of English.

We reserves the right to amend or cancel any event or enrolment. Should the event or an enrolment be cancelled a full refund of the fee paid will be made. We can accept no further liability in the event of cancellation, for example: liability for any expenses incurred as a result of cancellation.