Trace & Open Source Intelligence workshop

OSINT and Trace Excellence (Deep Dive)

Burton Regan Limited in conjunction with P.I.T.U.K guide and develop your Investigative Skills.

Our sessions have been developed and designed specifically with professional private investigators in mind.

We will look at Trace and Osint DPIA’s and demonstrate databases and open source information to locate information, find missing people as well as debtors.

The webinar will be recorded and will be available on the platform for future investigators.

Following our interaction with the eAssessment Association we have chosen a university level platform for our e-learning. Our regular webinar sessions are available to join, Live, whilst our library of webinar’s on investigative topics around GDPR / DPA are available for your perusal. Our online library of resources, templates, sub contractor agreements, international processing contracts and learning resources support our blended learning ethos.

The course is certified and you will attain a total of 5 hrs of CPD credits.

    About your trainer

    Kevin John Regan (B.A. Hons.)

    Private Investigator Training UK offers classroom and online learning – centred around the Level 3 Professional Investigator Award and key skill areas like Process Serving, OSINT and Trace Enquiries.

    Key milestones for P.I.T.U.K include running the first EDI level 3 Professional Investigator Award exams (Chessington, 2011) and the first SFJ Professional Investigator Award exams (London, 2020).

    With a Private Investigator career that has progressed through Associated Detectives (London), Nationwide Investigations Group (Manchester) and Anglo European Private Detectives Limited (Leeds) – currently: Burton Regan Limited – Regan holds an unbroken track record spanning 30+ year that few can rival. With a bedrock of skills and knowledge acquired on the front line it is no surprise that this tutor is popular with candidates and learners from all backgrounds and skill levels.

    As the Chair and Secretary of the Northern Branch of the Association of British Investigators he organises bi annual meeting for members at Manchester and Wetherby – in keeping with the core ethos of the A.B.I – Building Skills, Gaining Knowledge & Creating Business, these events attract the industries best presenters and speakers.

    Appointed as the Pearson Edexcel Lead Examiner for the worlds biggest education company in 2013 – he helped found the Association of British Investigators Academy in 2014.

    Kevin’s services to our sector was recognised in 2019 with the Frank Martin Award.

    Kevin John Regan, B.A (Hons.),

    Lead Examiner Pearson Edexcel, Centre Co-ordinator for SFJ / Industry Qualifications, Main Tutor for Private Investigator Training UK

    Burton Regan Limited

    T 0800 279 7752 

    M 0772 1751860

    Inc: Private Investigator Training UK, Vicarage Chambers, 9 Park Square East, Leeds, LS1 2LH

    Corroboration of Open-source intelligence (OSINT) with SOCMINT and commercial databases is the key to most investigations conducted to locate people, gather intel, background check or break fraud and civil crime

    Structured analysis and dedicated research = results

    Pearson PLC Lead Examiner for the Professional Investigator Sector.

    Our Classroom training option is available to groups or organisations that require intensive, practical, training – call for information dates and prices 0113 270 750
    Webinar – OSINT and Trace Excellence (Deep Dive) NOW AVAILABLE FOR PERUSAL ON YOUR E-LEARN PLATFORM (Sign up for our L3 Pro Inv Award to view)

    Burton Regan Limited t/as:
    Private Investigator Training UK,
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    Burton Regan Limited t/as:
    Private Investigator Training UK,
    Vicarage Chambers,
    9 Park Square East,
    LS1 2LH.