Process Server Training

Our Private Investigator Training School offers a process server E-learn course.

We run regular classroom based training in Process Serving and assist the Association of British Investigators train novice process servers.

E-Learning Process Server Resources

We support the Legal Services throughout the UK and operate a network of private investigators / process servers to effect serves.

The cost is: £420.00 (VAT Included) – you will make this back on your first process serving assignments.

Process Servers are servants of the Courts and are subject to Civil Procedure and Criminal Procedure Rules – you serve documents within certain time scales either personally or in the prescribed manner.

Most successful professional private investigators offer process serving and it is a primary income stream…Never turn down a lucrative process serving job or assignment again! 

We concentrate on building up your knowledge of the many components of expertise that operational private investigators should know and understand.

Join a class?

On: 20th May 2019 (Mon) @ LS1 2LH (09.30 – 17.00)

E-LEARN PORTAL: You have access to several key skill areas (All learners have 24/7 access for 2 years after your class (FREE!):

  • Methods and rules of process serving and the means by which the serves are reported – A library of word doc and .pdf’s are available to download, as required, to professionally create your Statement of Service, Certificate or Affidavit for:
  • Civil Procedure Rules, Claim Forms
  • Divorce Petitions
  • Statutory Demands, Bankruptcy and Winding up Petitions
  • Order to Attend court for questioning / Suspended committal order
  • Sample reports and proofs of service for:
    • Statutory Demands
    • Bankruptcy Petitions
    • Winding up Petitions
    • Non-Molestation Orders
    • Residence Orders
    • Occupation Orders
    • Committal Notices
    • Licensing Notices
    • Divorce Petitions
    • Subpoenas
    • Witness Summonses
    • Applications
    • Possession Orders
    • Notices to Quit
    • Claim Forms
    • Witness Summons
    • N79a  Suspended Committal Order
    • N84 Interim Third Party Debt Order
    • N39 Order to Attend Court
    • Prohibited Steps Orders

Refreshments supplied @ Burton Regan Ltd t/a: Private Investigator Training UK, Vicarage Chambers, 9 Park Square East, Leeds, LS1 2LH.

Our Classroom training option is available to groups or organisations that require intensive, practical, training – please apply for dates and prices

Please arrange your accommodation locally, if required. Buffet meals provided.

You will join delegates and learner who have opted for the 5 day classroom / Professional Investigator Award event, so, some of the learning will be partially relevant…

Burton Regan Limited, Inc: Private Investigator Training UK,

A typical training day will involve:

09.30 – 10.30: Introduction to the modules and tutors. Icebreaker. ABI / Academy. Context: Professional Standards and BS102000, Conducting Investigations.
10.30 – 11.00: Coffee break
11.00 – 13.00: Legal framework. Laws and Regulations.
13.00 – 14.00: Lunch Break
14.00 – 15.00: Process Serving: Timescales, reports and proofs of service. Health and safety considerations. Process serving best practice.
15.00 – 15.30: Coffee break
15.30 – 17.00: Workshop

Your tutor is: Kevin J Regan

Vicarage Chambers, 9 Park Square East, Leeds, LS1 2LH.

Kevin J Regan  B.A. (Hons.) Member: Association of British Investigators

Trainer: Association of British Investigators Academy

Forensic and Policing Services Association

United Kingdom Process Servers Association

Tel: 0800 279 7752